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The basics

Citywire is a financial news organisation dedicated to providing no-nonsense, impartial guidance to help you make sense of your financial life.

We also do investment research, and produce magazines and events for financial professionals.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, visit the page.

Citywire has four separate websites, with content specifically tailored towards the target audience groups, be that private investors or investment professionals.

: For private investors or those interested in general or topical important financial news of the day. It is further tailored to encourage users to take a closer look at their investments and savings and also to seek quality advice from professional financial planners.

For the growing community of financial advisers seeking to modernise and professionalise their businesses around holistic financial planning and is produced by the team behind New Model Adviser® magazine.

: For investment advisers, wealth managers and stockbrokers whose main focus is choosing the right investments for their clients. The same editorial pteam also produces the weekly Wealth Manager magazine.

: The publication and website of choice for leading investors and fund selectors, covering over 8,000 managers and around 12,500 funds internationally.

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