Trying to lie my way past a former CIA specialist is not one of the tasks I had ever expected to be landed with when I began my career at New Model Adviser®.

But that is exactly what happened when I sat down with Susan M. Carnicero, who helped to found behavioural analysis firm QVerity following her time in 'the organisation.'

She asked me some basic questions about my life - such as what my first job was - and it was my job to try and deceive her. You will see in the video I did have some success, but she was absolutely hot on my heels.

People use some pretty basic and consistent methods to lie, and I was absolutely no different. 

Heaping lies on top of lies to create a convincing picture, being unnecessarily specific about largely irrelevant things, and using bits of the truth to flesh out a flimsy fib were all traps I fell into. 

The lesson is this: if you think you are being really smart, you are not. So just tell the truth!

Check out the final batch of pictures from our conference here.