A group of IFAs have begun a campaign pressing providers to offer electronic signatures for pension products, so they can ‘go green’ and move to paperless offices.

Prudential recently began a new ‘e-signature’ service, Prudential eSign. Now several members of the NextGen Planners network are pushing for other providers to do the same.

Alasdair Walker, director of Leicester-based Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker, Jane Hodges, managing director of London-based Money Honey Financial Planning, and Adam Carolan, NextGen co-founder and director of Cheshire-based Xentum, have begun asking providers whether they offer automated signatures.

Carolan said: ‘We did a recent brief survey of how much time and money it is costing both firm and client to deal with paperwork, and it is amazing how much it was. I plan to name and shame the providers not using e-signatures on 1 January 2018, which gives firms three months to get up to speed.’