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Investment Trust Insider - Videos

Hugh Young: the buck stops with me on Asia recovery

Veteran Asia Pacific fund manager Hugh Young discusses how he is going to improve the performance of Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus and the other investment trusts run by his team.

Should I buy a new investment trust at launch?

Gavatar explains why this question isn’t as daft as it might appear and why in the past the answer was often ‘no’.

Investment trusts: should I worry about discounts?

Discounts – where investment trust share prices trade below their underlying value – are sometimes presented as a good thing. Are they, asks Gavatar?

Genevra Banszky von Ambroz: why I like investment trusts

Partner at Smith & Williamson explains why investment trusts and companies are vital components in her clients’ portfolios.

How do we get young people into investment trusts?

Investment trusts make ideal long-term, investment plans yet few young people get a chance to use them. Alex Denny of Fidelity International has a solution.

India Capital Growth: oil price fall a relief but we’re not out of the woods

David Cornell of India Capital Growth says recent drop in oil price has helped India's stock market and currency rally after a difficult year.

What’s the main advantage of investment trusts?

Davina Walter, chairman of JPMorgan US Smaller Companies and a former fund manager, explains why she likes investment trusts and investment companies.

Why do investment trusts buy their own shares?

‘Gavatar’ explains why share buybacks are an important way for investment trusts to ensure their shareholders get a good deal.

Manchester & London: how we’re different from Scottish Mortgage

Manchester & London won our Global Equities performance award this month with a tech-laden portfolio. Richard Morgan of M&L Capital Management explains how the £105 million trust differs from its bigger rival.

What is the net asset value (NAV) of an investment trust?

Gavatar explains ‘net asset value’, a key performance measure for an investment trust, and how it differs from – but relates to – the share price.